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27 November 2018 – 6 January 2019


BIC Bourne Gallery

Presented by John Kay

John's work is an eclectic mix of the figurative and abstract. The individual pieces are 'mixed media', constructed of recycled wood, metal, paper, cardboard and fabrics. John also uses the more traditional materials of paint and ink. He uses a lot of nails and tin cans, all of which are recycled. John has traveled extensively and this is reflected in the subject matter of his paintings and sculptures. You will find African images combined with Latin American, Middle Eastern and European.
John said: "I never know how an individual piece is going to turn out when I start, so there is always an ongoing dialogue with the work."  John is also a published poet and uses his written output to complement his visual artwork.

Event Timings

Open Daily


To avoid congestion we strongly recommend that you allow up to an hour before the event commencement time to find a parking space. Visit our Parking page for details of our car parks and others within walking distance of the BIC and Bournemouth Pavilion.


Patrons with accessibility or special seating requirements are kindly requested to call BH Live Tickets on 0844 576 3000 who will endeavour to provide the best and most appropriate service.