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For FAQs about Tickets, please visit our BH Live Tickets website.

Is it true that if you arrive late for a show you might not get in straight away?

For some shows such as plays, opera, ballet you will often be asked to wait until a suitable pause in the performance before being admitted. For certain performances the artist may request that latecomers are admitted after the first interval as the event requires concentration by both the audience and the artistes and this would be spoilt by others wanting to get past etc.

Is it OK to take food and drink into the theatre or hall?

Generally, it is OK to take cold drinks and confectionary, that is purchased from within the venue into the halls. Glass, crockery, hot food and hot drinks are not permitted. This is based on consideration for other people and for safety reasons. For some events the tops must be removed from plastic drinks bottles, or be fully decanted, before admission. Food and drink that is not purchased from within the venue is not permitted into the building, unless there is a medical requirement.

Listen for announcements in the venue and ask our customer assistants for advice if you are unsure.

What about cameras, tablets and mobile phones?

Most shows and concerts are subject to copyright, which means that any material connected with the show is the property of the artiste or promoter and may not be photographed, recorded or filmed. This applies to the stage set, photographs or images of the show or artiste and any sound recording. Make sure your mobile phone is switched off or on silent mode and please do not make or receive calls during an event. 

Visual and audio recording devices are not permitted into the auditorium so we recommend you leave them at home. This includes, but is not limited to cameras, audio equipment and tablets. Selfie sticks are also not permitted. If you have any questions, please ask a customer assistant when you visit.

I have a special requirement:

a. I need to use a hearing induction loop, is the facility available and how do I access it?

All our halls and most meeting rooms/function rooms have Infra Red analogue loops. To access this service you need to obtain additional equipment from the venue which is available free of charge from our security office at Bournemouth International Centre.

b. Do I need to tell anyone that I need to remain in my wheelchair during the event?

Yes, it is important that you let us know your requirements when buying a ticket. Our venues have good provison for wheelchairs, but they are in specific areas so that they are accessible and safe. Our venue staff are happy to discuss our facilities with you and can arrange a visit in advance of an event if you need to familiarise yourself with the facilities and layout.

c. What if I wish to transfer to a seat from my wheelchair?

It is important that you let our ticketing team know of your requirements when booking so that they can ensure the seat you book is accessible. Most importantly, you need to be able to get out in the event of an emergency, especially bearing in mind that fire regulations require wheelchairs and walkers to be removed from the aisle and put in an appropriate place once you are seated.

d. I have poor eyesight, what facilities have the venues got that could assist me?

Large print leaflets are available on request. For many events, seats are set aside near the front for patrons with impaired eyesight. Please let our ticketing team know of your requirements when booking – our staff reserve the right to refuse this facility where a valid requirement cannot be established.

e. One of our group has an attention deficit disorder, but can attend if they have a direct view of the stage – can you help?

In most of our venues a limited number of seats with a direct eye line to the stage are set aside for this purpose. These seats are very popular and are only offered to those who need them so please mention your needs when booking. These seats are only held for a short period so please book as early as possible.

What about parking facilities?

Bournemouth International Centre has a multi storey car park. During events it is very busy, so please allow plenty of time to find parking space. Charges apply 24 hours.

The venue has parking spaces for blue badge holders - charges apply unless the vehicle is exempt road tax due to disability - find out more on our accessibility pages.

For some events at Bournemouth International Centre you can reserve parking in advance - please ask if this is available when purchasing your tickets.

Why are the car parks not restricted to the sole use of customers?

The car parks at Bournemouth International Centre and Bournemouth Pavilion are public car parks.

Why do you not do more to sort out sound difficulties such as too loud, music overpowering the singers etc?

Our venue management and technicians have little, if any, part in the running of visiting shows. The promoter hires the venue and operates the event to their technical specifications. This means the sound for the vast majority of events is entirely in the hands of the artiste and/or promoter of the visiting show. They tour with their own sound and lighting systems and their engineers control them throughout the event. We monitor sound quality and decibel output and will advise if required.

What if I want to complain to someone?

We want to make your visit an enjoyable experience. If you have any concerns or complaint please speak with one of our customer assistants. We endeavour to resolve any issues at the time and will in many cases be able to assist you. If it is a serious complaint, or if you are unhappy with the outcome, please ask to speak with our duty manager.