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The multi storey car park at Bournemouth International Centre (644 spaces) is a cashless public car park, open 24 hours a day, located immediately adjacent to the main building. It has step-free access to the foyer from all levels and wider accessible spaces on levels 1, 2 and 3.

The entrance to the car park is to the right of Bournemouth International Centre as you face the front doors. The postcode is BH2 5BH.


The car park utilises a pay on foot system whereby you take a ticket from the barrier upon your arrival, and pay for your parking at one of the machines located on levels 1 and 2 when you are ready to leave.



Please note, this is a cashless car park and payment can only be made using chip and pin or contactless payment methods. 

The parking charges listed below apply at all times when there is not a show on at Bournemouth International Centre:

Parking Charges (apply at all times)


Up to 1 Hour

£1.70 (valid untll 30 June)

Up to 2 Hours

£3.20 (valid until 30 June)

Up to 3 Hours


Up to 4 Hours


Up to 6 Hours


24 Hours




There is a fixed rate of £10 for show parking from 5pm until the end of the show. The hourly rate is not available during these times.

Once you have taken your ticket from the barrier and parked, it is highly recommended that you pay for your parking at one of the machines on level 1 or 2 before you attend the show, in order to avoid long queues at the machines on exit. 


5pm - End of Show


Flat fee for all parkers


The cheapest way to pay for show parking, and the only way to guarantee a space, is to pre-book with your show tickets.

You will be asked for the registration number of the vehicle(s) you will be using when you make the booking. You can arrive any time after 5pm on the event day. On arrival the barrier will automatically lift using ANPR. You do not need to collect a ticket. You can then park in any available bay (unless marked otherwise) – there are no specific spaces, however if you choose an accessible bay, please display a Blue Badge. When you exit the car park via Level 1 or 4, the barrier will lift as you approach.

If you didn’t pay for your parking when you booked your tickets, you can add it to your booking now by calling our Ticketing team on 0300 500 0595*.


4pm - End of Show


Flat fee for all customers

Customers are strongly advised to book parking in advance as demand is often very high. 


If you lose your ticket you can purchase a replacement at one of the payment machines on levels 1 and 2 using the lost ticket button.  The cost of a replacement ticket is equal to a 24 hour stay.

The height restriction for the car park is 6’ 6” or 2 metres. This is indicated by a fixed yellow barrier at the entrance.

Customers who are attending an event, and are road tax exempt and registered on our Access Scheme, can park for free provided they book their parking in advance.

Alternative parking can be found in the area including the Bournemouth Pavilion (165 spaces) located on Westover Road, which is a short walk from Bournemouth International Centre, further information can be found here.

Exiting the car park after an event can take in excess of 45 minutes due to local road layouts.

*Calls to 0300 500 0595 are charged the same as a standard rate call