It's our anniversary!

Bic 40th Anniversary

This year celebrates 40 years of entertainment, events, conferences and exhibitions at the BIC. We've been collecting your memories and you can read some of them below to get you in the nostalgic mood. Please keep sending them in!


You can also read our news piece to find out more about what has happened at this iconic building in the last 40 years.

Your stories and memories

Take a trip through time by reading some of the incredible memories submitted below!

"I was not allowed to go to any of the Osmond Concerts during "Osmondmania" so I never got to see them live. It wasn't until many years later during the late 80/90s period of Donny's revived career that I finally saw him live in concert for the very first time and that was at the BIC in 2003." - Jackie Henderson

“Boyzone was my absolute favourite band to come and see at the BIC, I had a VIP ticket so I was able to meet them and chat to them as well” - Jenny Phillips

"We loved the Summertime Seaside Special shows with top acts featured. Highlights included Cilla Black, Mike Yarwood, Russ Abbott, Jimmy Tarbuck and Roy Walker. Plus the great variety of support acts and dancers. More recently the remarkable coup of having Keith Urban perform such a great set. Keep going BIC!"

John Murphy

"A fantastic evening watching one of the world’s greatest guitarists and hardworking performer. Joe Bonamassa" - Barry Gibbs

"I have seen countless shows at the BIC! And have made amazing memories!" - Tia Deacon

"We've both got so many amazing memories from our many concerts at Bournemouth, several each year.. From seeing The Stylistics every year, for at least the last 16 years, including having one of them sing to me and shaking hands with them all, to seeing The Four Tops, Temptations and Tavares, ABC etc. etc... The list goes on. We loved seeing Madness and Squeeze, after all being locked down during Covid. It was a great concert and the joy on the faces of the audience was wonderful to see. Thank you so much for bringing such a great range of entertainment to Bournemouth. Keep those brilliant memories coming. Who needs to go to London?!"

Pat Mort

"I was very lucky to meet Ed Sheeran when he was touring his first album at the BIC in 2011! I'm still a massive Ed Fan and this remained one of my most cherished memories that I got to share with my best friends!" - Rebecca Hammerton

David Gates & Bread 1997

"I went to the BIC to see David Gates & Bread on October 29th 1997 as part of their 25th anniversary tour. It was a fantastic night never to be forgotten." - Graham Heathfield

"I used to work at the BIC in the Summer of 1990. I worked as a barman, mainly in the bars in the Foyer but also in all the other areas/halls as well, including Smugglers which is now the coffee bar.

On occasions, such as party conferences, I was also sent to work over at the Pavilion theatre, Winter Gardens & Pier theatre.

Great days - made many friends, met plenty of celebrities & artists & I had 1 of the best Summer seasons of my life - and 1990 was a long hot summer! Every time I go in the BIC, the smell & atmosphere brings it all back!"

Colin McCabe

Marti Pellow

"Marti Pellow’s ‘Popped in Souled Out’ tour took me back to when I was 15 years old. I was so moved by his songs I even cried to one of them. That’s the first time an artist has ever done that to me before, wow!" - Michelle Paget

"I loved every minute of seeing JLS last October! First time of seeing them live and certainly won't be the last! Thank you!" - Rebekah Brown

"I first started going to the BIC in the 90s when the epic Smash Hits Poll Winners Party tours were there!

Some stand out shows from over the years are Missy Elliott in 2006 when she was about an hour late on stage then sat at the side while her dancers did the work; the Blues Brothers Christmas show when the iconic car was parked outside in 2008; the huge robots used for Basement Jaxx in 2009; then right up to Keith Urban performing in the middle of the crowd in 2022 & Busted's show last year which I think was probably my favourite ever! The atmosphere was electric!

I've also been to awards ceremonies, press launches, Cool Coast ice rink and of course, who can forget the swimming pool? The wave machine & slide will stay in my memory forever, it was the place to be at the time and I remember spending my 10th birthday there.

I now work at the BIC with a fantastic team and feel very fortunate to be part of Bournemouth's history at this fantastic building."

Laura Sackett

"We've seen some fantastic comedy and music events at the BIC. War of the Worlds was rather epic!" - Kate Male

"Absolutely Loved seeing my absolute favourite Matt Goss at the BIC last year in March! He was amazing, really hope he comes to Bournemouth again soon it was a fantastic show!" - Kate Townsend

"It wasn't till I started thinking that I realised how many great artists we'd seen at the BIC. In no particular order...James Taylor, Status Quo, Sting, Australian Pink Floyd, Victoria Wood, Jason Donovan (1990) Chris de Burgh.

I even came here for a work related event when working for the NHS in the mid 2000s.It's a great venue and good to be able to see top line acts without having to go to London."

Angela Cowans

"The photo of the young family in the swimming pool is myself, wife and daughters." - Peter Gilbert

"Getting the opportunity to sing for Idina Menzel on her 2015 tour is a memory I'll treasure forever!" - Jenny Oag

"I absolutely love Rick Astley and try to see him as many times as possible. This concert on the Thu 29th Feb with you was the closest one to my birthday on the Sun 3rd March which did not disappoint. With a lovely pre-show meal and drinks, we went to take our seats for one of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to! Rick was on fire and certainly blew the roof off the BIC it was so nice to have come so close to home as I live in Seaton, Devon."

Marie-Anne Talbott

"Been to plenty of gigs here over the years but, possibly the best was my daughter Eleanor getting to dance with Frank Turner in Feb 2019 during "Four Simple Words" - Mark Batson

Exterior of BIC

"I was part of the team that laid the mains cable into the BIC" - Russ Smith

"I remember coming to Bournemouth from Salisbury to see Wham, The Big Tour! Saturday 2nd March 1985. I'd never been to such a big venue or seen a band as popular, it was all so exciting. Have been to the BIC numerous times since and always have a great evening"

Sarah Lake

"I regularly attend The BIC now for various shows and gigs and I volunteered there throughout the pandemic when it was a vaccination centre" - Ian Smith

"Seen so many shows here that I’ve lost count. Always a great night out!" - Amey Coombes

"My first ever 'pop concert', ages 13, was at the BIC. It was the Jason Donovan 'Doin' Fine' tour in 1990. Sadly we didn't take as many photos back then but I can remember the excitement of being in the crowd with my friend Zoe. I've been to 100s more gigs since then, but always enjoy returning to the BIC as it reminds me of that special first one."

Karen Przybylski